Feb 1st: Mission Committee Meeting @ 3:30
Feb 4th: Valentine’s dinner
Feb 8th: Chamber of Commerce luncheon
Feb 11th: Board meeting after service
Feb14th: Valentine’s Day
Feb 15th: 2nd Harvest at the church parking lot         12pm – 2pm
Feb 19th: President’s Day
March 6th: 2nd Harvest here 12pm- 2pm
March 7th: Missions Committee meeting 3:30pm 
March 10th: Board Meeting
March 14th: Chamber of Commerce luncheon
March 17: Missions fair during Sunday school
March 17th: St Patrick’s day
March 24th: Amy and Adam’s 18th wedding anniversary
March 27th: Ash Wednesday
March 29th: Good Friday
March 31st: Easter Sunday